Reachmaster Lifts

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ReachMaster BlueLift

(39ft -72ft)

The ReachMaster BlueLift Series is our newest addition to the Skako Lift, Inc. product line. The ReachMaster BlueLift Series is known for its innovation, quality, superior design and above all, safety. The Series feature 4 Models ranging from 39 feet to 72 feet. These lifts are easy to operate either indoor or outdoor, dual powered with 110V and the Honda 440ix or Hatz diesel engine and single door access. The ReachMaster BlueLift Series is ideal for the rental industry, window cleaners, tree care industry and building maintenance among others.
ReachMaster Falcon

(95ft - 170ft)

When you need considerable work height combined with limited access and surface pressure restriction, nothing outperforms the ReachMaster Falcon series. The ReachMaster Falcon series sets a new standard for compact, flexible and light aerial work platform design. The lift comes standard with a double 20ft jib, automatic safety and stability system and multi positioning outrigger system. The lift has optional automatic outrigger setting and chassis control from basket.

ReachMaster BlueLift

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