Enerpac XC - Series Cordless Pump

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The performance of a powered pump.
The portability of a hand pump.


  • High speed: Up to 2X faster than air powered pumps
  • Long run time: 279 cuts of 3/8" reinforcing bar; 112 lifts with a 1 ton spreader; 44 splits on 1" grade 8 nuts;
    28 lifts on 10 ton 4" cylinder
  • Rugged design: Impact resistant composite material, built to perform in the toughest work environments
  • Safety: Eliminates trip hazards from electrical cords and air hoses
  • Versatility: Compatible with over 140 tools and cylinders


  • Lightweight: Weighs less than most common hand pumps
  • Use in any position: Sealed, vent free reservoir
  • Easy transport: Removable shoulder strap and integrated carrying handle

Product Videos:   ENERPAC XC-Series Speed Comparison