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Slips, Trips and Falls cost valuable working hours and unexpected costs to the bottom line!

Slips, Trips and Falls cost valuable working hours and unexpected costs to the bottom line!
Little things can make a big difference!

By Andy Bull
CH Bull Co – Safety Solutions

*At 211 degrees you have very hot water.
At 212 degrees you have boiling water.
Boiling water creates steam and steam can drive a locomotive train.
I guess what we just learned is in live little things can make a big difference.
In Safety, many times it is the little things make a big difference!

I want to share a few little things that could make a big difference.

Sometimes one size fits all....but not in fall protection! Trucks & busses – trains & planes

For many years falls have been one of the leading causes of death in the workplace.
When I say the words “Fall Protection” - What did you think of?
A harness, a lanyard or maybe an anchor point?

I think of these questions;
1. What are you doing?
2. Why are you doing it?
3. How often are you doing it?
4. What are you currently doing for fall protection?
5. Is there a way we can do it safer?

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What would happen if someone built a better safer ladder?
Ladders are one of the most common tools we use on construction sites, in facilities for routine maintenance, and at home.
When we need to get up in the world we will usually grab a ladder.
Step ladders are designed to be free standing, they need to be used on a firm level surface and they do not require the support of another surface.

A Fatal Fall In A Plant

Falls are still one of the top 3 causes of death in the work place. This is a story about a 59 year old man just doing his job. He died and we will not know if it had been done this way before or if he said to himself I am just doing this once.
Read through the brief description and see if you can find 2 of the 3 violations that this company was sited for. If you send me back an e-mail with at least 2 of the 3 violations by code # and a brief description of what the code says I will send you a flash drive.
If you need help around your plant doing a walk through with a fresh set of eyes we will be happy to do this. This is a service that CH Bull does at no cost to you to help you see possible OSHA violations you may have over looked. Please fell free to contact me if we can help you with on site training or would like to do a plant “walk about” as they say down under.
Andy Bull
Co-CEO CH Bull Co
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Do as I say but not as I do

In the attached story you will see that merely warning an employee of a hazard or and unsafe practice is not enough. If we are in the world of safety we need be people of actions. Isn’t this a great saying KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! Do we all know we should not stand on the top of a 6’ step ladder? Yes we do. I have said that 100’s of times in my ladder safety class and I know it better than anyone, but I have done it. So it is not knowledge alone that gives us power or keeps us safe. It is what you do with what you know that gives you power and keeps us safe.
As we implement safety policies there needs to be a bite behind the bark. If you see people who are not following your policies or the OSHA standards there should be some form of discipline and action. We have a huge responsibility for keeping our employees safe. We want them to get home each night to the family and people who love and care about them. If we at CH Bull can help you with and of your safety issues please feel free to contact me.
Andy Bull
Co-CEO of CH Bull Co.
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Are you ready to enter a CONFINED SPACE?

Every day people are entering confined space not prepared for the work and the possible IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) hazards.
We do not want to read about your company in the future.
Give us a call or drop me an e-mail if you need some help in this are of your work.
Andy Bull
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